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IGN: heyyitstim
by tim » about 1 month ago

I don't know about you guys, but I've been pretty burnt out on the server. During my time on other games I've been brainstorming different ways to spice up the server a bit more so that there's more for us to do while we're trapped in our homes.

First order of business, I added a server resource pack! Thanks to Xisuma's VanillaTweaks website, I made some slight changes to how in-game textures and sounds work.


  • Aesthetic
    1. Instead of yellow, Iron Golems now have red flowers on their... skin.
    2. Leather armor is no longer brown, and will instead show up as white.
  • Terrain
    1. The sun and moon are now circular. Blasphemy, I know.
    2. Water is now clearer, making it easier for us to see where those tridents are coming from.
  • Variation
    1. Dirt, grass, gravel, mycelium, wooden planks, stone, and terracotta will no longer be the same texture repeating, and instead each block will be a random variation to make everything less pattern like.
  • Connected Textures 
    1. Polished andesite, diorite, granite, bookshelves, and finally lapis and iron blocks will create a seamless transition when placed next to each other.
  • Peace and Quiet
    1. Minecarts, netherportals, and pistons will be much quieter. Redstone on in peace and quiet you mad lads.
  • Utility
    1. Sticky pistons will now show slime on the edges of the piston head for ease of identifying which type your pistons are which when placed.
    2. Hoppers will show an arrow on top of them so you don't have to go through unecessary means to figure out if your hopper is pointing that way or that way.
    3. Tools will now change texture based on their durability.
    4. Observers now show arrows on all sides, other than the face side.
  • Unobtrusive
    1. The rain has been dialed back a bit to make rain storms much less annoying.
    2. Ice textures have been changed slightly. Not sure how exactly, but I liked how it looked in the preview.
    3. The vignette around the screen when playing on "fancy" textures is removed. Not sure why it's a thing in the first place, honestly.
    4. Glass and stained glass no longer has streaks in the middle of it.
  • HUD
    1. The connection bars in the tab list now change color based on connection speed.
  • GUI
    1. Replaced the Minecraft font with something less ugly. Unfortunately this breaks special symbols in some cases. Rest in piece special sword names.


I also added a couple datapacks to add some more options in terms of customizing your base of operations, shops, you name it. 


  • AFK Display
    1. This changes player names in the tab list to be grayed out when they've been away for a certain amount of time.
  • Armor Statues
    • You can now make armor stands pose! You can buy a book to edit your armor stands from one ofd the villagers in the bank for a diamond. This one is a liiiiiittle bit complicated, so here is a video explaining it from Xisuma himself.
  • Wandering Traders
    • ...are now less useless! They now contain more trades ranging from player heads (WIP) to block chunks. This will help out you creative builders out there.
  • One Person Sleep
    • Yes, this one is not technically new. Instead of using the plugin we had installed previously, I swapped it out for this datapack which should be less server intensive.
    • If you rename a nametag to "silence me" without the quotes, they will no longer make noise! Perfect for a villager trading hall perhaps..


Like the changes? Dislike them? Let me know.

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